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Help people plan their financial future the right way

Embed open banking into wealth management services to empower consumers with a deep understanding of their financial possibilities. Provide personalised insights, future-oriented suggestions for saving/investing and integrate payments to make it actionable.

Proactive nudging to save or invest

Provide actionable nudges to help people save or invest money, helping them to determine the right amount and the right time.

Financial planning

Personalise financial planning based on the full picture of someone's financial situation. Leverage direct insight into the disposable income for forecasting and analysing the effect of life decisions.

Simplify saving money

Take the effort out of wealth accumulation via automated savings top-ups based on the spending behaviour.

Use case: Centraal Beheer

Personalising investing via open banking

Centraal Beheer wanted to offer its customers a smart and actionable tool to manage their financial lives. Based on our open banking platform, they released an app that proactively allows customers to determine their money free-to-spend or -invest.

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