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A future-proof digital banking experience

Customers increasingly expect their banks to offer tailored apps and services for personal money management. Leverage our transaction data intelligence to deliver a future-proof banking experience across digital channels.

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Enhance customer satisfaction and NPS with personalised apps and services

Increase customer engagement with pro-active coaching  and dynamic insights

Leverage new channels to market financial products like savings or investments

Expense tracking

Empower customers to get a grip on their finances with personalised insights into their spending, with unique forecasting features such as balance projection or salary detection.

Subscription management

Help customers to make sense out of their recurring expenses with an instant overview of their fixed expenses, including automatic detection when bills are paid and when they are expected.

Financial coaching

Actively keep people informed about relevant events in their financial situation with personalised notifications and customisable alerts.

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Use case: a 'financial coach' banking app

Forecasting insights that matter

One of the Dutch leaders in digital banking is using our data intelligence to power the next generation of PFM apps. Via personalised insights and forecasting capabilities, they are delivering proactive recommendations and updates to their customers. Their goal: delier an automated, intelligent all-round money managegement coach for all their customers.

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