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Smooth tenant screening and onboarding via open banking

Allow prospective tenants to respond to housing via open banking connectivity. It provides a smooth digital customer journey for tenants, and enables a selection process based on reliable financial data and verified sources of income.

Integrated into real estate
CRM platforms

Time spent on tenant screening reduced by >50%

Reduce risk of default by tenant selection based on reliable data

Digital tenant onboarding

Allow tenants to deliver the required information about their financial situation securely and fully digitally. Categorisation of bank transactions allows acceptants to make faster and more reliable tenant selections. 

Verification of identity

Our open banking is seamlessly integrated with a digital identity solution, allowing you to integrate ID verification smoothly into the onboarding journey of tenants.

Integrated with Ockto

Our open banking platform works seamlessly together with Ockto- who empower consumers to securely their retrieve information from government sources such as MijnBelastingdienst, MijnOverheid or MijnUWV.

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