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Flexible modules that can be easily combined to create

unique solutions for your needs

Connectivity modules


PSD2 aggregation

Enables the aggregation of multiple payment accounts under PSD2


  • PSD2 account information (AIS)

  • API connection to all Dutch banks

  • Consent management

Payment initiation

Allows users to initiate payments from within the customer journey using the PSD2 PIS capabilities


  • PSD2 payment initiation (PIS)

  • API connection to all Dutch banks

  • Consent management

Source data aggregation

Enables the digital retrieval of source data from different official sources, all within the customer journey


  • MijnOverheid

  • MijnPensioenoverzicht

  • MijnBelastingdienst

  • DUO

  • UWV

Data analytics modules



Interprets lists of transaction data, including smart recognition of behavioural patterns


  • Income verification

  • Recognition of recurring expenses​

  • Categorisation of expenses

Actionable insights

Nudges users to optimise their financial behaviour based on their patterns of spending/saving.


  • Behaviour-based notifications

  • If-this-then-that engine

Personal finance tools

Out-of-the-box personal finance tools that help consumers to gain control over their financial situation 


  • Subscription cancellation

  • Subscription forecasting

  • Monthly money free-to-spend

  • Money saved




Customer due diligence

Identitity and access management, fully compliant with PSD2 regulation 


  • PEP check

  • Sanction check

  • Identity validation

Transaction monitoring

Screens payment data for misconduct based on the risk profile of users, compliant with PSD2 regulation 


  • Recognition of fraud patterns

  • Configurable business rules

  • Fraud reporting

All modules integrate seamlessly into existing channels via our 

Open Finance SDK

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