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Turning raw transactions into meaningful insights

Our intelligent data models interpret bank transactions and turn them into personalised financial insights. The models work on Open Banking data and hook seamlessly into core banking systems

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Enrich >95% of transactions with categories, merchant info and recurrence

Generate personalized customer profiles with actionable insights

Instantly identify key financial indicators and cashflow

Raw bank transactions

Rows of transaction data


No context

No aggregated insights


Actionable financial insights

Personalised insights

Contextual interpretation

Detection of recurring patterns

Dynamic insights & statistics

Pro-active signaling of events

Modular data models to deliver reliable insights

Detection of recurring transactions

Identifies recurring patterns in income and expenses, predicting the next payment and verifying when it was last paid.

Transaction categorisation

Recognises transactions' contextual meaning and organises them into a customisable scheme

Money free-to-spend

Forecasts the amount of money free to allocate taking into account upcoming expenses and predicted income

Credit risk insights

Detects specific financial indicators that help to determine someone's credit affordability

Income verification

Detects someone main sources of income from a set of transactions



Delivers historical statistics such as a person's average expenses on groceries

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