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Achmea Bank partners with Bittiq to deliver PSD2 services

Achmea Bank, part of the largest Dutch insurance group, is partnering with Bittiq to deliver PSD2 services to its customers. The partnership contributes to Achmea Bank's mission to offer financial certainty to customers by providing financial insights and relevant solutions. Bittiq's open banking technology enables Achmea Bank to offer new financial services in addition to savings and mortgage products.

Pierre Huurman, division chairman of Achmea Bank:

“With Bittiq as a new partner, we are expanding our services with PSD2. We want customers to feel more secure in life by providing insight into their financial situation and offering relevant solutions. The PSD2 applications that Bittiq enable contribute to this. Together with Centraal Beheer, we are now building new solutions for our customers. In the future I also see opportunities for other Achmea units that want to use the PSD2 technology. ”

Hidde Koning, CEO of Bittiq:

“We are proud that Achmea Bank has opted for a partnership with Bittiq for its PSD2 services. With this partnership, we are adding a leading financial institution to our platform. With its strong market position and broad offering of products and services, Achmea can take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered by our technology. We look forward to realizing its ambitions and customer success together with Achmea Bank. ”

Bittiq will deliver a suite of services to Achmea Bank, including account aggregation, payment initiation, data analytics and compliance services. Achmea Bank can integrate the platform seamlessly into their digital channels and offer customers new services based on insight into transaction data. The modularity of the platform provides access to relevant financial insights and drives unique propositions.

Read the original press release here

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