Fully digital and automated credit acceptance 

Provide full digitised onboarding, credit acceptance and after-care based on the automated retrieval and analysis of financial data. 

Less administration

Reduce the time you spend to process new lending requests


Increase conversion

Improve the conversion of new customers by streamlining the full onboarding process

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Increase STP

Reduce costs by increasing the Straight-through processing of the credit acceptance process

How it works

Seamless onboarding

Integrated KYC

Automatic risk assessment

Duty of care

Digital retrieval of transaction data

Digital retrieval of documents

Autofill of personal information

Identity verification

PEP/sanction check

iDIN integration

Income verification

Automatic categorisation of transaction data

Financial liabilities and assets

Periodic income verification

Updated information

Helping in situations of distress

Curious how open banking can optimise your lending process?