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Serverless Engineer

Experienced developers to build the software solutions that make our mission possible. 

Internship in Serverless Development

Do you want to start learning serverless development? Check our position



Internship in Business Development

Passionate about business development? Check our position!



Product & operations

We are looking for a motivated intern to support our product development


Apply to one of our vacancies or send us an open application!

If you think you’d be a great fit with Bittiq but can’t find the position that matches you, we strongly encourage you to send an open application at Bittiq is growing rapidly and new opportunities are more than welcome!


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Why work at Bittiq?


In the DNA of Bittiq is an intrinsic drive to develop something new and innovative. We share an ambitious attitude and get energy from challenging and varied work. This creates a dynamic working environment where everyone works with a lot of enthusiasm!


As a young team we’re continuously looking to grow and improve - as a company but also on a personal level. We believe there’s no real learning if you only follow the manual, so we give everyone the chance to experiment and learn in an autonomous way. We always keep a horizontal atmosphere, since everyone contributes just as much to the success of what we do.

Fun and connection!

Your colleagues are the ones with whom you celebrate success and share your setbacks. That's why we think it is important to have a good personal connection, both during and outside working hours. We try to always be there for each other and appreciate diversity in the team, whether it’s about culture, gender or personality. We share a positive mindset and have a lot of fun as a team!