Investing & pension

Activating money for the financial future

Make the financial future relevant on a daily basis by integrating personal finance into your investment or pension proposition.

More engagement

Give users a positive investing experience and engage them with personalised nudges and insights


Increased AuM

Address a new source of investable money by taking personal finance as the starting point

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Higher conversion

Reduce marketing costs with a higher conversion towards investment and pension products

How it works

Enable users to aggregate their payment and investing accounts for a full view of their financial situation

Relevant insights at the right moment help them to make data-driven decisions for their financial future - every day

Account aggregation

Categorisation, personal finance tools

Based on their data, users receive behavioural nudges that help them maximise the money they put aside

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With integrated payment initiation, users can instantly transfer money to their investment or pension accounts 

Actionable insights

Payment initiation