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Powering the future of financial services

Bittiq creates open finance solutions that enable companies to provide better financial services for their users

Better services based on financial data

Bittiq offers aggregation of financial data, smart data analytics and tools for financial well-being. We enable companies to leverage secure access to financial data to improve their services.

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Leverage access to enriched financial data with our Open Finance platform

Our SDK enables solutions for any financial service provider, from large banks to small fintechs

Our solutions

Investing & pension

Retail banking




From open banking...

Our foundation is PSD2 connectivity which provides companies and their end-users with access to relevant insights from banking data. This system of of 'open banking' powers new and improved financial services. open finance

Yet, insights based on banking data are just the start! We are building on this foundation by enabling access to all types of financial data - not just banking data. This way, we can offer a 360° view of the financial situation and fully capture the value of an open financial system

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